How can I discontinue the issuance of duplicate copies of my trade confirmations and statements to my former employer?

In order to effect this change you will first need to update your employment by logging in to Client Portal, selecting the Settings > Account Settings menu and clicking the Configuration (Gear) icon next to Regulatory Information. From there you may modify your personal information including employment. If the nature of your prior employment also involved membership in an exchange, regulatory or self-regulatory organization or you were an associated person, affiliated person or employee of an exchange member. If these no longer hold true, you will need to change your answer to this question as contained within the Regulatory Info menu option also contained under Account Information.

Finally, please instruct your former employer to send an email to in order to independently confirm this request to discontinue sending duplicate statements.  If your new employer is also a financial institution which, for in-house compliance purposes and/or as a result of regulatory mandate monitors the trading activities of their employees, they will need email a request to in order to receive duplicate statements and trade confirms.