IB TWS Companion App for Apple Watch


Interactive Brokers takes our intuitive and ergonomic mobile trading platform to the next level by providing you a companion app for the Apple Watch.


The companion app is designed to display information when a user has logged in to the IB TWS app on their iPhone. It will work in both the Live Trading and Read Only Modes but does not support active trading. This companion app is only available for informational purpose only.


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What does the app do?

At 'glance view' the app will display the following information; Amount of FYI Notification, Account Number, Daily P&L, Net Liquidation Value, Number of Open Orders, Number of Trades Executed, Excess Liquidity and number of Positions you currently own. It will also display the time when it has fetched the information from your iPhone.


Apple Watch Companion App Glance Screen


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  • Must have iPhone 5s or greater, using iOS 9 or later.
  • Must have the IB TWS app installed on your iPhone (version 8.14 or greater)
  • Must have your Apple Watch paired to your iPhone (refer to: Set up your Apple Watch for directions)
  • Must have watchOS 2 running on your Apple Watch.

Important: The Apple Watch applications are only 'companion' apps. This means they are not installed directly on the watch itself, but rather are a function of an application already installed on your iPhone.


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How is the app installed?

 1.  Install the latest version of the IB TWS app on your iPhone.

 2.  Pair your Apple Watch to your phone.

 3.  Launch the Watch app on your phone.

      Apple Watch App Icon

 4.  Scroll down on the main screen until you see your list of apps, locate the IB TWS app and Tap on it.

      IB TWS Listing in the Apple Watch App

 5.  Enable Show App on Apple Watch and Show in Glances by swiping the slider to the right (green).

      Glance View Activation of the IB TWS app

 6.  After the top slider is set to green, you will see a text informing you that the app is being installed. At this stage the phone is sending the application to your watch per Bluetooth. This might take a short moment (approximately 30-60 seconds.) Once completed the companion app has been installed.


Note: Once enabled it will 24 hours before P&L shows up on the watch after activation. 

IB TWS not displaying P&L


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How do I confirm the app is installed?

On your Apple Watch click on the crown to access your Home Screen, you should now see an icon for the IB TWS App.

Apple Watch Home Screen


Note: Tapping on this icon does not launch the app’s functional screen. It merely displays the information on how to enable the Glance View.

Instruction Screen


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How to check your glances?

To display the 'Glance' view swipe up on the watch face to a glance, then swipe left or right to see all active glances (There is no need to tap on the IB TWS App (1), if so it will only display directions (2) on how to enable Glance view.)

Glance Screen with Reference Number - 1    Glance Screen with Reference Number - 2


As an alternative if you don't want to swipe through your active glances, you can hold the crown, ask Siri (1) 'Show the IB TWS glance' (2) then let go of the crown.

Ask Siri with Reference Number 1    "Show IB TWS glance" with Number Reference 2

Refer to Glances on Apple Watch for more details.


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