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Install the Standalone version of Trader Workstation (TWS) on Mac OS


To install the standalone version of TWS on your MAC OS X, begin by selecting the following MAC TWS download page:  Once there, you will be presented with the Automated Installation Package. then follow the following steps:

1. Click on the MAC Download button

2. When prompted with the open file dialog, choose the SAVE FILE option

3. Save the file to your Desktop.

4. Double-click the downloaded zip file, your system will expand the file and put an executable file on your desktop called, TWSX_INSTALL.  * If you use Safari, the installation file will have already been extracted to your downloads folder. 

5. Double-click the package (TWSX_INSTALL)

6. Installation will start. First screen you see is the Welcome to the TWS Installer. Please click on CONTINUE.

7. Select only the check box for Trader_WorkStation_X and click on CONTINUE.

8. Click on INSTALL.

9. You should now see an installation progress bar.  When complete, you will see a checkmark encased in a green circle. "The Installation was successful".

10. Click on CLOSE.


Starting the TWS

To launch the TWS once installed:

1. Click on Finder

2. Click on your Users folder (House icon)

3. Double-click the Applications folder, where you will find the Trader_WorkStation_X application.

Alternatively, click on the magnifying glass on the upper right hand corner (SPOTLIGHT), and enter Trader_Workstation_X.  The application will appear as a TopHit.


Recovering your Settings

1) Launch the Standalone TWS, but do not login. If you were previously storing your settings to the IB server by having selected the "Use/Store Settings on Server" check box, select that check box again and your settings will be automatically retrieved from our server.

In the event you were not previously storing your settings, there is nothing to retrieve and you will need to recreate them. Select the "Use/Store Settings on Server" check box afterwords to ensure your settings are saved on the IB server should they need to be retrieved at a later date. Also note that by using this feature your settings will be synchronized in the event you operate your Standalone TWS on multiple computers.

2) On the login window, click on the "Browse" button adjacent to the "Settings Directory" field. A window titled "Select Settings Directory" will open and from there select the button containing the image of a house (user directory).  From the list of folders which appear, select the folder titled IBjts (alternatively titled: Jts. Click on the "OK" button.

3) Type in your user name and password and complete the login. The TWS should now open with all your personal settings.


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