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Cloud Watchlists


This article explains how to setup Cloud Watchlists.


It is now possible to synchronize the watchlists on your mobile devices with the watchlists of Trader Workstation on your computer. You will no longer need to worry about adding same tickers over and over again. The Cloud Watchlists feature is available in Trader Workstation build 936 and higher. Once the Cloud Watchlists have been enabled, they can be then imported in mobileTWS using the "Import" option from the Configuration menu.

Enable the Cloud Watchlists in Trader Workstation

  1. Login into the Trader Workstation
  2. Click on Edit in top menu, then on Global Configuration (or File -> Global Configuration if TWS is in the Mosaic layout)
  3. In the left column of the configuration window, click on Lock and Exit
  4. In the right pane, mark the checkbox "Save watchlists to cloud" (as shown in the screenshot below)
    Enable Cloud Watchlists in the TWS
  5. Click Apply, then OK to close the configuration window

Enable Cloud Watchlists on a mobile device



  1. After the Cloud Watchlists feature has been enabled in TWS, login into mobileTWS
  2. Upon login, you will be prompted with a screen asking you to try the new feature
  3. Select "Try It", and then select the device/computer to import the watchlist from
  4. If you are not shown the "Try It" prompt, please go to the Configuration menu and select Watchlist Import and select the device/computer to import from
  5. In the Configuration meny, enable the option "Save Cloud Watchlists"


  1. After the Cloud Watchlists feature has been enabled in TWS, login into mobileTWS
  2. Upon login, you will be prompted with a screen asking you to try the new feature
  3. Select "Try It", and then select the device/computer to import the watchlist from
  4. If you are not shown the "Try It" prompt, tap on "Setup" in top left corner and enable "Save cloud watchlists"
  5. Back in the main screen, in top left section, tap on the Import button and select the device/computer from which to import the Cloud Watchlist

Android mobile or tablet

  1. After the Cloud Watchlists feature has been enabled in TWS, login into mobileTWS
  2. Upon login, you will be shown the Watchlist Import wizard
  3. Select the device/computer from which to import the watchlist
  4. To see the imported watchlists, navigate to Quotes and Charts from the main menu and select an imported watchlist from the dropdown





Determining Tick Value

Financial instruments are subject to minimum price changes or increments which are commonly referred to as ticks. Tick values vary by instrument and are determined by the listing exchange. IB provides this information directly from the Contract Search tool on the website or via the Trader Workstation (TWS). To access from TWS, enter a symbol on the quote line, right click and from the drop-down window select the Contract Info and then Details menu options.  The contract specifications window for the instrument will then be displayed (Exhibit 1).

To determine the notional value of a tick, multiple the tick increment by the contract trade unit or multiplier.  As illustrated in the example below, the LIFFE Mini Silver futures contact has a tick value or minimum increment of .001 which, when multiplied by the contract multiplier of 1,000 ounces, results in a minimum tick value of $1.00 per contract.  Accordingly, every tick change up or down results in a profit or loss of $1.00 per LIFFE Mini Silver futures contract.


Exhibit 1

Converting Currency Balances

Account holders may find themselves holding balances in currencies other than their designated Base Currency as a result of trades in products denominated in a different currency or from profits/losses directly associated with Forex trading. In these cases, IB does not act to automatically convert balances back to the Base Currency as this action would require assumptions as to the account holder's desired currency exposure as well as the trade price at which they would be willing to close the position.1 IB does, however, provide those account holders who are not active Forex traders an expedited 3 step process for converting such positions at an individual or aggregate currency level.  These steps are outlined below.


Step 1 – View Currency Balances

Select the Account icon from the TWS header.



Step 2 - Select the Position(s) to Close

From the Account window, scroll down to the section titled "Market Value - Real FX Balance", place your cursor on a currency you wish to convert and right-click on the mouse to display the Close Currency menu option. You will be provided with two options, Close Currency Balance which will close the single currency you've selected and Close All Non-base Currency Balances which will close all.

Depending upon the currency quantity you are converting and the market rate, a residual balance may remain as conversions can only be performed in whole currency amounts (e.g. no cents).  The following message will appear advising of this situation and the automated conversion which will take place thereafter.


Step 3 - Review & Transmit Order

Next, an order line for the conversion trade will be populated on the TWS.  The order will be set up with default conditions of a market order, good for that day and for the current position quantity2. Select "T" to generate the Order Confirmation window using the default conditions or set the price and time conditions as desired.

Preview the order from the Order Confirmation window. Note that if your order size is below the IdealPro USD 25,000 equivalent minimum, it will be routed to the odd lot order book. Select the Transmit button when your desired order has been set up.

Once your order has been executed, it may be reviewed through the Trade Log icon from the TWS header.

In the event a residual balance remains, it will be displayed within the Account window (e.g. MXN 7 equals approximately USD 0.56) until the following business day at which point it will be automatically converted to the Base Currency.


For additional information on IB Forex, please see: An Introduction to Forex (FX)



1 IB will act to automatically convert non-Base Currency balances only where the balance is nominal (i.e., below USD 5 equivalent and assuming no subsequent trade activity through settlement) and when the customer requests to close the account (where the balances are below USD 1,000 equivalent)

2 Note that the position quantity created by this default will not include balances which are in an accrual state (e.g. interest, dividends).

Mac OS X TWS Manual Installation Instructions


This type of installation will require you to launch the Trader Workstation through a Terminal window by using the string shown below in step 7. If you are not familiar with the use of Terminal, please use the automated installation package found here

Manual Jar File Installation

1. To install to the latest TWS Mac OS production release on your computer, hold down the Control Key, and with your mouse click on the button below:

2. From the menu, click "Download Link to Disk."
3. Once the file has downloaded to your desktop, move the file to your Home directory (this is a folder listed on your hard drive within the Users folder).
4. Access the command line terminal from the Applications menu. First select Utilities and then select Terminal.
5. At the command line, create a directory called IBJts and load TWS files by typing:

jar xf unixmacosx.jar

Press Return.

6. Change the directory to IBJts by typing:

cd IBJts

Press Return.

7. To run TWS, type or paste in the Terminal window the following: (** Please note that there is a space then ".", after LoginFrame **)

java -cp jts.jar:total.2013.jar -Xmx512M -XX:MaxPermSize=128M jclient.LoginFrame .

 Press Return.

Install the Standalone version of Trader Workstation (TWS) on Mac OS


To install the standalone version of TWS on your MAC OS X, begin by selecting the following MAC TWS download page:  Once there, you will be presented with the Automated Installation Package. then follow the following steps:

1. Click on the MAC Download button

2. When prompted with the open file dialog, choose the SAVE FILE option

3. Save the file to your Desktop.

4. Double-click the downloaded zip file, your system will expand the file and put an executable file on your desktop called, TWSX_INSTALL.  * If you use Safari, the installation file will have already been extracted to your downloads folder. 

5. Double-click the package (TWSX_INSTALL)

6. Installation will start. First screen you see is the Welcome to the TWS Installer. Please click on CONTINUE.

7. Select only the check box for Trader_WorkStation_X and click on CONTINUE.

8. Click on INSTALL.

9. You should now see an installation progress bar.  When complete, you will see a checkmark encased in a green circle. "The Installation was successful".

10. Click on CLOSE.


Starting the TWS

To launch the TWS once installed:

1. Click on Finder

2. Click on your Users folder (House icon)

3. Double-click the Applications folder, where you will find the Trader_WorkStation_X application.

Alternatively, click on the magnifying glass on the upper right hand corner (SPOTLIGHT), and enter Trader_Workstation_X.  The application will appear as a TopHit.


Recovering your Settings

1) Launch the Standalone TWS, but do not login. If you were previously storing your settings to the IB server by having selected the "Use/Store Settings on Server" check box, select that check box again and your settings will be automatically retrieved from our server.

In the event you were not previously storing your settings, there is nothing to retrieve and you will need to recreate them. Select the "Use/Store Settings on Server" check box afterwords to ensure your settings are saved on the IB server should they need to be retrieved at a later date. Also note that by using this feature your settings will be synchronized in the event you operate your Standalone TWS on multiple computers.

2) On the login window, click on the "Browse" button adjacent to the "Settings Directory" field. A window titled "Select Settings Directory" will open and from there select the button containing the image of a house (user directory).  From the list of folders which appear, select the folder titled IBjts (alternatively titled: Jts. Click on the "OK" button.

3) Type in your user name and password and complete the login. The TWS should now open with all your personal settings.


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