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What happens if I’m assigned stock at expiration, and my account doesn’t have the funds necessary to satisfy the margin requirement? Article KB222
What happens if the net liquidating equity in my Portfolio Margining account falls below USD 100,000? Article KB85
What happens to a single stock future EFP at contract expiration? Article KB92
What happens to the USD equity option that I am long at expiration? Article KB221
What happens to US security options if the underlying becomes the subject of a full cash merger? Article KB639
What if a forex order is transmitted to the incorrect venue? Article KB1285
What is a partial ACATS transfer and what is the typical timeframe for its completion? Article KB986
What is a single stock future EFP? Article KB89
What is an "Odd Lot" in stocks? Article KB1062
What is Interactive Broker's margin rules for stocks below $5? Article KB285
What is SMA and how does it work? Article KB66
What is the difference between a stop, and a stop limit order? Article KB255
What is the exchange minimum margin requirement on SSF positions? Article KB97
What is the margin on a Butterfly option strategy? Article KB603
What is the margin on an Iron Condor option strategy? Article KB600
What is the Mark-to-Market calculation method and how does it work? Article KB56
What is the meaning of Mark-to-Market and First In, First Out? Article KB224
What is the meaning of removing from, or adding liquidity to, the market? Article KB194
What is the minimum applicant age requirement? Article KB815
What is the purpose of the security questions? Article KB1154
What is the typical timeframe for completion of a full ACATS transfer request? Article KB985
What positions are eligible for Portfolio Margining? Article KB84
What timeframe of activity statements is made available online and how can archived statements be obtained? Article KB44
What’s New for the 2011 Gain/Loss Summary Worksheet Article KB1214
When and how should I increase the memory allocation for TWS? Article KB2170
When I sell stock, how much does it increase SMA? Article KB253
When I short a stock, when will the hard to borrow interest begin accruing? Article KB963
Where can I receive additional information on options? Article KB729
Where can I request additional trading permissions and market data subscriptions? Article KB247
Where to direct inquiries and requests regarding IBG Notes Article KB1324
Which Tax Form Should I Select? Article KB1082
Why am I able to double-click and review the details of some but not all of the news links distributed through the RSS News feed feature within TWS? Article KB67
Why am I not informed of the assignment on my US securities option position until the following day? Article KB51
Why am I receiving notifications concerning the number of messages being sent to the CME’s Globex trading platform? Article KB189
Why am I required to disclose my employment with a financial institution? Article KB1160
Why am I required to provide a W-8 if I am not a US citizen or resident? Article KB1122
Why am I subject to a commodity account trading limit of 1 contract? Article KB1085
Why are corrected 1099-DIV forms issued ? Article KB1183
Why are there two currencies shown when trading forex, and how do they work? Article KB295
Why aren't the trades I made last night showing up on my daily statement? Article KB594
Why can't I use the same email address on my client account that is on my advisor account? Article KB135
Why did I receive a notice that the financial capacity in my account is less than 5% above the current margin requirement when my stock positions are fully-paid? Article KB226
Why did IBKR force liquidate positions in my cash account? Article KB220
Why do certain cash deposit and withdrawal requests require that an instruction be created while others do not? Article KB86
Why Do Commission Charges on U.S. Options Vary? Article KB1848
Why do I receive a message stating market data is over the limit? Article KB3292
Why do I receive a notice of a potential buy-in of my short position when your Short Stock Availability List is showing shares available to borrow? Article KB725
Why does a long SSF typically trade at a premium to the underlying stock? Article KB95
Why does IBKR not include Nigeria on the list of countries of residence for application purposes? Article KB68
Why does IBKR place a hold on the funds deposited via check when my bank has already debited the funds from my account? Article KB88