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Italian Financial Transaction Tax (IFTT): Impacts on CFD investing Article KB2039
How to opt back into the Secure Login System Article KB2545
Document Certification for Australian Residents Article KB2893
TWS Message: LMT price should be less than or equal to STP price -or- LMT price should be greater than or equal to STP price Article KB53
Tax Reporting: Does IBKR offer a Gain/Loss Worksheet? Article KB870
Tax: Understanding IRA Conversions Article KB1364
W8 Re-certification Article KB1894
Trading Securities listed on Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) Article KB3382
How do I convert my advisor client account to an Individual IB account? Article KB146
UK Persons and Entities: Considering Forex (spot) trading is not regulated do I have to pay capital gains tax? Article KB960
Certify Your Tax Status Article KB1081
FATCA FAQs - Issues Involving U.S. Place of Birth Article KB2603
Overview of MIFIR Transaction Reporting Article KB2974
Where can I receive additional information on options? Article KB729
Tax Reporting: "Taxable amount not determined" is Checked on Form 1099-R Despite a Taxable Amount Being Reported Article KB889
Reg. SHO Short Sale Bid Test Article KB1432
Tax Reporting: Availability of K-1s from Publicly Traded Partnerships (PTP) and Royalty Trusts Article KB1918
Merger Arbitrage: Trading in Companies Involved in Pending Mergers/Acquisitions Article KB2132
Can advisors trade Mutual Funds? Article KB596
Overview of Dividend Payments in Lieu ("PIL") Article KB2713
Cryptocurrency Products Market Data Article KB3061
Why does IBKR place a hold on the funds deposited via check when my bank has already debited the funds from my account? Article KB88
Dividends and Distributions: Why are dividends from my money market funds not reported as interest? Article KB906
ACATS Rejections - Most Common Causes Article KB980
Handling of market orders Article KB1654
Tax Reporting: About Forms 1099 Article KB1944
Welcome to Interactive Brokers Article KB2189
How do I find out about the status of my account application? Article KB1158
Information Regarding Multi-Account Voluntary CA Elections Article KB1292
Accessing the WebTrader Language Selection Menu Article KB1717
Allocation of Partial Fills Article KB2751
Regulations Mandating Two-Factor Protection Article KB3193
Why does my Account Window show different currency positions in the Market Value section and FX Portfolio? Article KB830
Capital Gains and Losses: The Difference Between Short-term and Long-term Capital Gains Article KB925
IBIS Overview Article KB1990
How to Use the Voluntary Corporate Action Election UI - Withdraw Submitted Elections Article KB2271
What happens to the USD equity option that I am long at expiration? Article KB221
How to open a paper trading account Article KB663
Dividend Considerations - US Extended Trading Session Article KB846
Linking Accounts Article KB1319
Can I set a maximum dollar exposure for my account? Article KB1806
How to log in to IBKR Mobile when the IB Key is enabled on another phone Article KB3279
Tax: Non-US Persons and Entities: Availability of Form 1042-S Article KB942
Can I make a contribution for the prior tax year? Article KB1349
Cash Sweeps Article KB1851
Order Rejection on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) Article KB3294
How do I change the fees which I charge my clients? Article KB137
Tax: Canadian Persons and Entities: Interest Expense Article KB952
Determining Buying Power Article KB2085