How to Reopen a Closed Account

Accounts which have been closed are generally eligible to be reopened, subject to the following:


1.       The account was opened after January 1, 2002;

2.       The taxpayer status of the account is properly documented;

3.       The account is compliant with respect to all documentation required for regulatory purposes;

4.       If the account is a sub or client account of a master, the master account is open.


The reopening request may be submitted online by logging into Account Management and selecting the Manage Account, Settings and then Reopen Account menu options (Note that the email and password combination necessary to log in remain the same as that at the point your account was closed). Alternatively, requests may be submitted by contacting your local Client Service Center.


Once your request has been submitted it is subject to review by our Compliance Department. Please note that these requests are processed in the order by which they are received and you should allow a minimum of 48 hours to complete.


Notification of approval is sent to the email address of record, after which you will need to log into Account Management and submit a deposit notification.  The minimum deposit required to re-open is USD 10,000, or equivalent; the same as that for opening a new account.


Also note that in certain instances, you may be required to update account information and/or documents which are deemed by our Compliance Department to be obsolete.  If this is required, you will receive an email outlining those which are required.