Notice to Financial and Non-Financial Counterparties trading OTC products (e.g. CFDs) not cleared by Central Counterparties

European regulators, as part of EMIR, issued technical rules concerning Risk Mitigation Techniques for derivatives not cleared by a Central Counterparty (“CCP”), which detail how the regulators expect these products to be margined from 1st March 2017. In general customers trading products subject to these rules are required to exchange variation margin.

Interactive Brokers (U.K.) Ltd. (“IBUK”) provides Contracts for Difference (‘CFDs’) that fall under these rules, and is your counter party to these trades. IBUK wishes to inform you how IBUK provides information regarding variation margin and reconciliation arrangements. This does not represent a material change from our current practice.

Variation Margin – Applicable where you are classified as FC or NFC+

All financial counterparties (‘FC’) and larger non financial counterparties (‘NFC+’) are subject to the EMIR variation margin rules for OTC derivatives. Whether larger non financial counterparties are subject to the rules is determined by reference to whether their 30-day rolling average of the gross notional OTC derivative positions entered into for non-hedging purposes are above specified clearing thresholds (eg EUR1bn for equity derivatives). IBUK ensures variation margin is exchanged with its counterparties with respect to OTC derivative transactions not centrally cleared by CCP.

IBUK provides customers with timely confirmations of trades each day via two secure platforms: by displaying them on our Trader Work Station (“TWS”) and via the Trade Confirmations and Daily Activity Statements in Account Management. The marked-to-market value of your OTC derivative contracts are shown in your Daily Activity statement.

The variation margin rule requires that variation margin is calculated on a daily basis based on the values of all the outstanding derivatives contracts under the IBUK Client Agreement for Products Carried by IBUK (the “Agreement”) on the previous business day.

Where this marked-to-market value of your transactions reflects a credit exposure for IBUK, IBUK collects variation margin equal to the positive mark-to-market value of its OTC derivatives. The variation margin collection is achieved through reduction in the net equity value available, an offset and/or liquidation of positions in the posting account. You may refer to the supplemental information about margin and the Agreement on the IB UK website for further details. Where the marked-to-market value reflects a credit to you, IBUK will reflect this via an increase in your net

Whilst the variation margin rule requires that variation margin is calculated on a daily basis, IBUK further expects that clients monitor their accounts continuously, including intraday, so that at all times the account contains sufficient equity to meet margin requirement as calculated by IBUK.


Activity Statements are provided on a daily, monthly and annual basis. Customers can download this information using a "flex query" tool (which is available in our "account management system) in CSV type format.

You may reconcile the OTC positions detailed on these Trade Confirmations and Activity Statements account against your own records. The regulations state that you should reconcile your positions, contract information, valuation(s) and profits and losses and any related information.

If you note any discrepancies, you can contact IBUK customer service. Contact information for Interactive Brokers customer service is available on the IB website at:

The process for resolving any dispute is discussed in your client agreement with us.

Please note that the rules also require customers of firms that carry portfolios on a gross basis to carry out portfolio compression with the firm but this is not relevant as IBUK maintains your OTC positions on a net basis.

The rules also detail how often particular types of customers need to conduct these

If you are an FC or a an NFC+ the rules require you to conduct portfolio reconciliations at the following frequencies:
• Daily, whenever you have 500 or more open OTC contracts;
• Weekly, if you have between 51 and 499 OTC contracts open at any time during the week;
• Quarterly, if you have 50 or fewer contracts open at any time during the quarter.

If you are a non-financial counter party not meeting the criteria to be an NFC+ (ie “NFC-“) you are required under the rules to carry out portfolio reconciliations at least:
• Quarterly, if you have more than 100 open OTC contracts open at any time in the quarter;
• Annually, if you have 100 or fewer open contracts at any time in the year.

Please note that this communication is not intended to serve as legal advice.

Interactive Brokers (U.K.) Limited