How to request a Digital Security Card+ (DSC+) replacement

The following steps are required in order to replace a Digital Security Card+ which has been lost, stolen or became inoperable

1. Notify IB Client Services - Contact IB Client Services to obtain a temporary account access (Temporary Code). This service can only be provided via telephone and requires the identity of the account holder to be verified, as detailed in KB70

2. Obtain an Online Security Code Card - Activate an Online Security Code Card, which offers enhanced protection and full Account Management functionality for an extended period of 21 days. Please consult KB1873 should you need guidance for this specific step

3. Request the DSC+ replacement - Once you have completed the Online Security Code Card activation, please remain in the Secure Login System section of your Account Management and order your replacement DSC+ as follows

4. Click on the button Request Physical Device

5. The shipping address will be shown in the device information screen. If your address is outdated or invalid, you can amend it by clicking on Change Address and following the on-screen instructions. If you do not need to update your address, please proceed to step 6.

6. Enter a four-digit numeric  Soft PIN1 for your DSC+. Please make sure to remember the PIN you are typing since it will be necessary to activate and to operate your device. When applicable and desired, you may change the account on which the 20 USD deposit will be kept on hold2.  Click then on Continue

7. The system will show you a summary of your order. Please make sure of the correctness of all the information displayed. Should you need to perform changes, click on the button Back, otherwise submit the request by clicking on Continue

8. You will receive a final confirmation containing the estimated shipment date3. Click on Ok to finalize the procedure



1. For PIN guidelines, please consult KB2269

2. The Security token and the shipment are both free of charge. Nevertheless, when you order your device, we will freeze a small amount of your funds (20 USD).  If your device is lost, intentionally damaged, stolen or if you close your account without returning it to IB, we will use that amount as a compensation for the loss of the hardware. In any other case, the hold will be released once youre device has been returned to IB. More details on KB1861

3. For security reasons, the replacement device is set to auto-activate within three weeks from the shipment date. IB will notify you when the auto-activation is approaching and when it is imminent.


  • See KB1131 for an overview of the Secure Login System
  • See KB2636 for information and procedures related to Security Devices
  • See KB2481 for instructions about sharing the Security Login Device between two or more users
  • See KB2545 for instructions on how to opt back in to the Secure Login System
  • See KB975 for instructions on how to return your security device to IB
  • See KB2260 for instructions on activating the IB Key authentication via IBKR Mobile
  • See KB2895 for information about Multiple 2Factor System (M2FS)
  • See KB1861 for information about charges or expenses associated with the security devices
  • See KB69 for information about Temporary passcode validity