How to change the PIN of your Secure Login Device


Interactive Brokers recommends that you change your PIN regularly to add an extra layer of security.

NOTE: If you do not know your current PIN, you would need to call Interactive Brokers directly to have it reset. Please use any of the phone numbers listed under:

Below you will find the procedure for changing the PIN code of your Security Device, according to the device type you are currently using:

      Legacy Devices



Digital Security Card Plus (DSC+)


The PIN of the DSC+ has to be changed from the Client Portal page, following the steps below:

  1. Log into Client Portal using your security device and click the Menu icon in the top-left.
  2. Select the menu options Settings --> User Settings --> Secure Login System
  3. Click on the wheel (Configure)
  4. Click the i (Information) icon next to your active DSC+
  5. Click on Change PIN in the lower right of the pop up
  6. Enter the new PIN you would like to use and confirm it. A Challenge Code will be displayed. Operate your DSC+ with the Challenge Code and your new PIN in order to generate a Response code. Enter it into the Passcode field and click Continue
  1. If the new PIN has been accepted by the system, you will see to a confirmation page. Click OK on the bottom right to complete the procedure. 

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IBKR Mobile for Android Users


Open the IBKR Mobile App.

  1. Tap the Services button in te upper-left corner
    IB Key, tap Menu icon in top-right corner
  2. Tap the button Authenticate
    IB Key, tap Change PIN
  3. Tap Change PIN. Some phones may require you to scroll down to see the option.
    IB Key, enter Current PIN, New PIN and Repeat New PIN     IB Key, tap Submit
  4. Enter your username, password, current PIN, and your new PIN twice. Click Submit. Some phones may require you to scroll down to see all the items.
    IB Key, wait till you receive text message with SMS Code     IB Key, enter SMS Code and tap Submit Pin Change
  5. The PIN has been successfully changed. Tap on Done.
    IB Key, PIN change successfully processed, tap Go to start page

Once the PIN has been successfully changed, you can close the IBKR Mobile app and log in to Account Management or to your trading platform using the new PIN. 

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Digital Security Card (DSC)


Just like the DSC+, the PIN of the DSC is changed directly from Account Management/Client Portal page, following the steps below:

  1. Log into Account Management using your security device.
  2. Select the menu options Manage Account --> Security --> Secure Login System --> Security Device.
  1. Select the radio button "Change Pin of the current security device" and click "Continue".
  1. You will be prompted to enter the NEW PIN in the first field(marked here as A), and confirm it again on the second field(marked here as B). You will be as well requested to operate your device and generate a passcode using the NEW PIN you have chosen. That passcode has to be typed into the last field(marked here as C)
  1. A SUCCESS message will appear and the new PIN will be in effect.

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Platinum and Gold Devices

If you use a Platinum or a Gold device, you would only need to change the PIN directly on the device itself, following the instructions below:

1. Press the 'ON' button.

2. Enter your current PIN.

3. Once the CHALLNG? prompt is displayed, press the 'PIN' button.

4. Once the NEW PIN prompt is displayed, enter your NEW PIN.

5. Once the AGAIN prompt is displayed, re-enter the NEW PIN to confirm it.

6. If the new 4-digit PIN was re-entered successfully, a SUCCESS message will appear and the new PIN will be in effect immediately.

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