Install TWS API Components on Mac / Unix

TWS Standalone API

Install TWS API Components on Mac/Unix

  1. Click the button below to access the download page for the API Software. 
  2. This will direct you to Interactive Brokers API License Agreement, please review.
  3. Once you click I Agree, refer to the Mac / Unix section to download the API Software.
  4. This will download twsapi_macunix.n.m.jar to your computer.
    (where n and m are the major and minor version numbers respectively.)
  5. Access the command line terminal.
    (On a MAC from the Applications menu. First select Utilities then select Terminal.)
  6. At the command line, create a directory called "IBJts" in the current directory by typing:
    jar xf twsapi_macunix.n.m.jar
  7. To access the sample and source files, change to the "IBJts" directory by typing:
    cd IBJts/
For Mac Users; Please see here for an instructional video to install the API Software.
Note: For details on creating a Sample Java Client, refer to the directions provided for Netbeans and Eclipse.
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