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Master Account Communication Center (MACC)


The Master Account Communication Center provides master accounts the ability to view the various correspondence sent by IB to and about your client accounts. In addition, it provides a means to generate and manage communications between you and your clients through the use of Bulletins, Emails or Message Center messages.


Accessing the Master Account Communication Center

To access, from the Support menu located in Account Management, select the Message Center item.

My Message Center – This section is where all communications pertaining specifically to the master account only will be managed from.
Manage Client Communications – Clicking this button will bring you to the area where all communications pertaining specifically to your client accounts will be managed from.



Sent By IB tab

This tab houses a copy of the communications which are sent to your clients by IB which were previously found in the ‘SubAct Messages’ tab in the Message Center. Communications found on this tab are copies which are sent to you as the master account, in order to ensure you are aware of messages being sent to or about your client accounts. As these messages are intended to keep you as the master informed, IB will send the message template, which often contains keywords or variables, and not the complete message content as sent to each account. Also included is a list of the recipient client accounts. Master account users can receive the full content of the messages by electing to receive a copy via email. Messages to client accounts are handled in this fashion so you are made aware of messages sent without being overwhelmed with individual copies of each message sent to every account.



Clicking a message will display the View Message window. From this window, you can elect to:

  • Email Details – This sends an email to your email address with the complete content of the message sent to or about your clients.
  • Submit Inquiry – This allows you to submit an inquiry to IB specifcially referencing the IB originated message
  • Delete – This will delete the message.



Send Message To Clients button

Click this button in order to begin composing a new message which you will be sending to your clients. Users are afforded the option of creating preformatted messages, or templates, which can be reused for sending future communications, eliminating the need for master users to reconstruct messages they may need to send multiple times.

Once clicked, the Message Editor window will appear and is where master users will create their

Step 1: Compose Message – To begin the process, select whether you’d like to use an existing template, create a new template or send a one time message.

Step 2: Select Delivery Method – Determine the Select the communication channel by which your client will receive the message; Message Center – delivers your message to your client’s Message Center; Email ‐ delivers your message to the email address of record for your client;TWS Bulletin ‐ delivers your message as a bulletin to the TWS if your client has access.

Step 3: Select Accounts – Here you will select the recipients of the message. Click the Manage Recipients button to see a list of all of your client accounts.

The Manage Recipients window provides you with a list of all open client accounts, complete with account numbers and account titles. The filter bar allows you to input text for quickly locating accounts.

Select the account(s) you wish to communicate with by checking the box next to the account number. After the accounts have been selected, click the ‘Done, back to message’ button at the bottom of the page. This will bring you back to the Message Editor window which will populate the recipients based on your selections.

Step 4: Message – Here you compose your message.

  1. ReplyTo ‐ This area allows you to select the email address which recipients of your message can reply to. The selection is limited to those email addresses which are associated with users on your master account.
  2. Subject – Enter the subject of your communication.
  3. Show White Branded Banner and Footer ‐ This selection allows the message to be sent with a banner. If you have whitebranding set up, your banner will be displayed. 
  4. Content ‐ This is the body of the message being sent.
  5. Message Signature – Allows you select from a list of active users on your master account.
  6. Function Buttons

a. Help – Provides users a brief explanation for sending messages.
b. Cancel – Returns the user to the previous screen.
c. Preview to Send – Click to send your message. Prior to sending your message, you are provided an opportunity to preview your message and make adjustments if needed.


Preview to Send button

Once you have composed your message and are ready to send, click the Preview to Send button on the Message Editor page. This will show you a preview of the composed message prior to sending to your clients.


Sent By Me tab

The Sent By Me tab displays messages which you have previously sent to your clients and the information related to those messages, including the date and time the message was sent, the number of recipients, the delivery status and the communication channel. Clicking a message will display the message status for each individual recipient and give users the opportunity to view the specific message as sent to customers as well as the ability to resend the message to all.


Manage Templates tab

The Manage Templates tab will display all message templates which you have created and saved allowing quick access to send preformatted communications to your clients. To use one of the templates, after selecting, press the Send New Message button at the bottom of the page. This will load your template into the Send New Message window.

  • View Template – This allows you view any previously created message template in all communication methods.
  • Edit Template – This allows you edit any previously created message template.
  • Create New Template – Select this option to create a new message which once saved, can be reused when you are sending communications to your clients.


Message Staging

As Interactive is a highly automated firm, we have a number of processes which generate and send communications to clients about various topics. In order to provide master accounts with greater control over the number and types of messages which their clients receive, and in some instances the content, we have developed ‘message staging’ or delayed message delivery. This feature will delay the delivery of a message until either you make a decision as to the action which should be taken with a message or if no decision is made, the delivery time has been reached.

Enable Staging

Master accounts who wish to take advantage of message staging will need to enable the functionality.  By default, message staging is not enabled.  Enabling is done by clicking the Enable Staging button located in the client communication area of the Message Center.

Please note, making this election can temporarily increase the number of message which you as the master account receive until an election is made by you to determine how future instances of messages will be handled.  Should you wish to cease participation, you may change your election on the 'To Be Sent By IB' tab which will appear once enabled.



When a new message has been sent by IB which has been tagged for your review, a notification will be sent to your Message Center and via email. These notices also specify the delivery date and time at which a message will be delivered to your client if no action has been taken.


To access staged messaged, you can either click the Manage Staging button or select the To Be Sent By IB tab. This view displays the following information pertaining to the pending message:

  • Date/Time – Displays when IB sent the message.
  • Delivery Date ‐ Displays when the message will be delivered to your client if no action is taken by the master account.
  • Subject – Displays the subject of the message.
  • #Recipients – Displays the number of client accounts who will receive the message.
  • Message Status – Displays the current status of the message.
  • Channel – Displays the communication methods by which a message will be delivered (W = Message Center, E = Email, B = TWS Bulletin)



On the To Be Sent By IB tab, click on a message in order to review the content, a list of recipients and the delivery status. The resulting screen will display a preview of the message as it will appear to your client depending upon the communication method(s) selected. The buttons available here will perform the following actions:

  • View Recipients – This will display a list of all recipients for a particular message. This view also affords the ability to select a specific account to view the exact message content which will be sent to the client(s).

  • Send As Is – This will send the message to your client(s) as it exists.
  • Reject Message – This will allow you to prevent the message from being delivered to your client(s). You are afforded the option to either Always Reject which will prevent all further message of this type from being delivered or to Reject Once which will only prevent the delivery of this specific message but allow to make the decision again in the future.

  • Close Preview – This will close the preview window and return you to the Message Center.







Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is MACC?
The Master Account Communication Center provides master accounts the ability to view the various correspondence sent by IB to and about your client accounts. In addition, it provides a means to generate and manage communications between you and your clients through the use of Bulletins, Emails or Message Center messages.

What is Message Staging?
When enabled, message staging allows master accounts the opportunity to make delivery determinations for certain messages which IB sends to your client accounts.  These decisions once made are saved and will dictate how certain messages are handled for you accounts in the future.

When will my Message Staging election become effective?
Your staging election will become effective with the next server restart.  These typically take place overnight.

What happens to staged messages which I have not made a decision on if I opt out?
Any pending message will remain in a ‘pending decision’ status until the staging period expires at which point it will automatically be delivered.

If I elect to opt out of Message Staging, what will happen to the decisions which I previously made on messages?
In this case, your elections will no longer apply to the messages being delivered however those elections will remain saved should you decide to participate again at a later date.







Financial Advisor How To: Linking Related Client Accounts


Account linkage provides account holders who maintain multiple accounts under a single advisor, the ability to group the accounts together under a single user name. The benefits of account linking include the following:

  • The ability to log into all accounts via a single user name and password;
  • Account accessed using a common security device;
  • Activity fee minimums, when applicable, are determined based on commissions consolidated across the linked accounts;
  • Consolidated reporting of accounts.

While linking may be performed by the client, this article outlines the steps by which an advisor may link accounts on behalf of the client


1. Linkage begins by logging into Account Management at the master account level and selecting the Manage Clients, Accounts and then Link Client Accounts menu options.


 2. You will then be provided with a drop down list of client which are eligible to be linked. While multiple clients may be linked in a given session, the linkage steps must be completed for a given client before proceeding to another.



3. After selecting the client to be linked, a list of all of the client's accounts that are eligible to be linked will be presented.  Here, you will be prompted to specify which of the user names is to be retained for future account access. Once the linkage process has been completed, all other user names will be deactivated.


4. Next you will be presented with the Account Information page where confirmation of the client's personal information will be performed. In the event the client maintains information which differs among accounts (e.g., residential address), you will be prompted to select that which is accurate and is to be retained following completion of linkage.


5. Next, select any or all of the standing banking instructions which will be retained.


6. Confirmation of the linkage request is then provided.



  • You must select the client account with the highest level security device.
  • Once the accounts are linked, the unique usernames and passwords for the accounts to be linked with this account will no longer function. The surviving username and password associated with the account will function for all linked accounts.
  • Interactive Brokers will link these accounts on Fridays.
  • Once the accounts are linked, the security devices for the accounts to be linked with this account will no longer function and the device associated with this account will function for all linked accounts. As for those devices which will no longer function, any of which are Gold, Platinum or Alpine will need to be returned in order to avoid a lost device charge. Non-functioning Security Code Cards may be discarded.



1. カスタマーサービスに連絡 - まず、カスタマーサービス にお電話いただき、新しいディバイスの申請を行ってください。その際、新しいディバイスが届くまでの間、口座へのログイン時にご利用いただくテンポラリー・コードも入手してください。このサービスは、セキュリティの関係上、口座保有者様の本人確認が必要となるため、お電話でのみの対応となります。本人確認を行った後、テンポラリー・コードを発行いたします。テンポラリー・コードは、ログイン時にユーザー名とパスワードとあわせて必要となりますので大切に保管してください。

2. オンライン・セキュリティ・コード・カードの入手 - テンポラリー・コードの有効期限 (トレーディング・プラットフォームやアカウント・マネジメントのすべての項目へのアクセスできる期間は2日間、制限されたアカウント・マネジメントへのアクセスは10日間) は限られておりますため、この期間内にアカウント・マネジメントよりオンライン・セキュリティ・コード・カードを入手し、有効化の作業を行ってください。このカードは、更なるセキュリティ強化を提供するもので、出金も含めたすべてのアカウント・マネジメントの機能をご利用になれるほか、当社カスタマーサービスへお問い合わせいただかなくても、ご自身でお手元のディバイスの有効化が可能となります。オンライン・セキュリティ・コード・カードの入手方法については、 KB1873 より詳細をご確認ください。

3. 新しいディバイスの申請 - オンライン・セキュリティ・コード・カードの有効化をした後、4つの選択肢が表示されます。選択肢より 「新しいセキュリティログイン・ディバイスを申請」 を選択し、「次に進む」 ボタンをクリックしてください。

画面上に新しく送付されるディバイスの種類、送付先住所、発送予定日、送付方法などの情報が表示されます。新しいディバイスが有効化の際にPINコードが必要となるものである場合 (例:デジタル・セキュリティ・カード、デジタル・セキュリティカード・プラス)、オンライン上でPINの作成方法から最終申請手続きまでの案内が表示されますので、指示に従って操作を行ってください。



- セキュリティ対策として、ご申請いただいた代替用の新しいディバイスは、発送予定日より一定期間経過した時点で自動的に有効な状態となるよう設定されています。オンライン・セキュリティ・コード・カードは、代替用の新しいディバイスが届き次第、無効となるわけではございませんが、新しいディバイスがお手元に届き次第、有効化の作業を行っていただくことを強くお勧めいたします。セキュリティ・ディバイスの有効化の方法については、KB1942 より詳細をご確認ください。

- 万が一、ディバイスが紛失または破損した場合、盗難の被害に合ってしまった場合、または口座閉鎖後に返却が確認できなかった場合には、費用を負担していただくこととなりますのでご了承ください。費用は、ご利用のディバイスによって異なりますが、20.00 – 150.00 USDとなります。






1. メニューより 口座管理 --> セキュリティ --> セキュアログイン・システム --> セキュリティディバイス を選択してください。


2. 選択肢より、「新規・既存のセキュアログイン・ディバイスの有効化」 を選択して、「次に進む」 ボタンをクリックしてください。


3. 画面上に表示されたディバイスのシリアルナンバーが、有効化されたいディバイスの裏側に記載されているものと一致しているかをご確認いただき、「有効化」 ボタンを押してください。もし、番号に相違がある場合は、カスタマーサービスまでご連絡ください。 また、複数のディバイスをお持ちの場合は、画面上に表示されているディバイスのシリアルナンバーと一致するディバイスを特定した上で「有効化」 ボタンを押してください。

4. 次のステップにて、通常のログイン時の認証プロセスと同じ方法で、ディバイスからパスコードを入力するよう求められます。入力が完了いたしましたら、「送信」 ボタンを押してください。認証が済みますと、ディバイスは有効化され、今後のログイン時にご利用いただけるようになります。


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