Information and procedures related to Security Devices


Device specific procedures


  • IB Key

  • How to operate your IB Key on an Android smartphone: KB2277
  • How to operate your IB Key on an Apple iPhone: KB2278

  • Digital Security Card+

  • How to operate your DSC+:  KB2634
  • How to change the PIN code of a DSC+: KB1018
  • How to return a defective DSC+ to Interactive Brokers: KB975
  • SLS Card

  • How to operate your SLS card: KB1042
  • How to upgrade to IB Key (smartphones authentication system): KB2260

Common procedures

  • Overview of the Secure Login System: KB1131 or 
  • How should I address a request for temporary account access or replacement device: KB70
  • How long will my Temporary Passcode last: KB69
  • How to request an Online Security Code Card in case you misplace your security device: KB1873
  • How to reactivate your device: KB1875
  • How to request a replacement in case your device is defective or has been lost: KB1943
  • How to share the Security Login Device between two or more users: KB2481
  • What to do if I have multiple Secure Login Devices: KB1731
  • How to opt back into the Secure Login System: KB2545
  • Security considerations following SLS partial opt-out: KB1198
  • Are there any charges or expenses associated with the security devices? KB1861
  • How to troubleshoot Account Management Login Failures: KB1132
  • How to troubleshoot Trading Platform Login Failures: KB1133




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